Betsy Manchester
Holly and Addison's Adventures at Doggie Daycare by Betsy Manchester    
.....Holly and Addison's Adventures at Doggie Daycare is based on two very
real little cockers. Holly and Addison, ages ten and eight when this book was
published, began their journey as shelter dogs before being rescued. Now,
like many other dogs today, they find themselves going to doggie daycare.
.....This story is told from their perspective. So if you’ve ever wondered what a
dog is thinking, read along as they travel to another great adventure at doggie
daycare and spend another fun filled day with all their furry companions.
.....Be sure to look for future books in the Holly and Addison saga.
Betsy Manchester has lived in New England all of her life. She is a married to a great guy,
the mother of 2 grown children and the owner of 2 wonderful spaniels, which were the
inspiration for her book. From the time she can remember, there has always been a little
cocker in her life, either she or a relative owned. She came up with the idea for the book
due to the fact that her little guys go to daycare and she also passes one on her way to
work in the morning. In fact, there are just as many people dropping their dogs at daycare
as there are mothers leaving their children at caregivers. She wanted to show that if the
animals could talk, this is what they might say. She enjoyed writing this book and hopes to
continue doing more books about Holly and Addison's adventures.  
Holly and Addison's Vet Visit Adventure by Betsy Manchester    
.....Once again we follow those two little cocker’s, Holly & Addison, on another
adventure. In the last book they were spending the day with their friends at
doggie daycare. This time, however, they are going to the vet for their annual
visit to show that even our pets, whether it be dog, cat, bunny, or bird, should
be taken for regular checkups just as people do to make sure they are in
good health. In fact, pets sometimes suffer from similar aliments as do
people, and in some cases require medical attention. Holly & Addison’s Vet
Visit Adventure deals with friendships, health issues, and is told from Holly
and Addison’s perspective.
Holly and Addison's Grooming Day Adventure by Betsy Manchester    
.....To all our friends who have followed our previous adventures, this one
deals with going to the groomers.  Just as people go to get a haircut, so also
do many dogs and some cats go for their day of pampering and fun.  When
owning a pet, you not only take them to the vet, feed them properly and
exercise them daily, but it is very important that you make sure their coat and
nails are clean and trimmed as well. Some people choose to bathe their own
pets, but once in a while it is always good to take them to a professional to
be groomed.     B &
Just Bob by Betsy Manchester    

Just Bob is about our new little guy who has helped us deal with the loss
of our beloved Holly and Addison. It is told as if Bob were speaking. If he
could talk he would tell about his breed and how they came to be. In his
story, he also points out that no matter how cute and lovable when small,
they do grow, and with age sometimes comes problems. So please me
mindful of this when adopting, as he will depend on you to love and care
for him. If something should happen and you can no longer care for him,
find either a shelter or rescue, never just abandon. Enjoy the book and
watch for more Just Bob stories.     B &     B &
Barley B.: A Dog for All Seasons  by Betsy Manchester    

In this book Barley is trying to express her thoughts on how important it is
to make sure your pet is always healthy and  happy no matter what time of
year it is. She wanted you to understand that if you might be cold , hot,  or
even scared, your pet also has these feelings.  If for any reason you can
no longer give him or her the proper care, please find someone or
someplace that can.  That is what a responsible pet owner does.