Andrew Martineau
Daddy Monster by Andrew Martineau

One rainy Saturday morning, Marissa and Marcus decide
that they are bored. It is time to wake up Dad and play
"Daddy Monster." Dad does not want to play. He wants to
sleep, but Mom is downstairs working on the computer. As
Marcus is spilling cereal all over the kitchen floor and
Marissa is telling him to clean up the mess, Daddy Monster
sneaks up on them. They pretend to run for their lives!
Marissa takes the game a little too far, and Dad gets angry.
When Dad realizes he is turning into a real life "daddy
monster," they all learn an important lesson about feelings
and self-control.
Andrew Martineau teaches English at a private college and lives in
Springfield, Virginia with his wife Natalie and children (Nathan, Adam and
Emily). He has written and produced many plays in New York,
Washington, D.C. and Virginia. His published play Functions (Heuer
Publishers) has been performed by many high school theatre groups
across the U.S. and in South Korea. His play Etched in Stone has been
published by Independent Play(w)rights, and his full-length play The
Lacemakers is licensed through Yes Plays. A monologue from The
Lacemakers is featured in InterJACtions III, a collection of audition
monologues. He founded Sundial Theatre Company, which focused on
issues of disability, and he used to act professionally. He has a B.F.A. in
theatre education and two Master’s degrees in English and education.
You can visit his website at
When Shadows Fill Your Room by Andrew Martineau

When shadows fill your room at night, how do you make
them go away? Do you chase them, or do you stay tight
beneath your covers and wait for the morning light?

Through rhyming poetry, this book offers advice to
children who may be afraid of their own shadows and
need assurance that their own scary shadows will go
away if they stay tucked in bed, close their eyes and drift
off to sleep.