Jason A Marzewski
.....Jason Andrew Marzewski lives in Searcy, Arkansas,
with his wife, Tisha, three dogs, and two cats. He owns
JAM Designs, his free-lance graphic design and
advertising business.
.....Jason fell in love with the art of story telling at an early
age and his family cultivated this affinity by giving him an
ample supply of books, taking him to the library, and - best
of all - telling him special stories from their own hearts
and minds!
.....Shortly after moving to Searcy, Jason heard a
presentation given by Jeffrey Sheets of Searcy Children’s
Homes, Inc., describing the needs that this special
ministry has. "God used Jeffrey's message to infuse me
with the burning desire to help children by creating books
that can both build their vocabularies and raise money for
Searcy Children’s Homes, Inc.," Jason notes. I began
developing Personal Toad and ChickenTM stories as a
way to give back a portion of the blessings that God has
so richly given to me."
.....In an effort to help needy children and those who
selflessly care for them, a percentage from the sale of this
and every Personal Toad and ChickenTM book will be
donated to Searcy Children’s Homes, Inc. www.
.....Thank you for purchasing and sharing this book with
Personal Toad & Chicken: Toad Meets His Forever Friend
by Jason A. Marzewski     
.....On a warm autumn night when he should have been sound asleep like
his neighbors, Toad strutted out of his log cabin, clambered atop a
gargantuan mushroom, and, illuminated by the spotlight of the moon, took
center stage and began to sing with all his might: "I was born in the swamp!
Nee-ee swamp! Nee-ee swamp! And the swamp is where I live! Nee-ee
swamp! Nee-ee swamp!"
.....Meet Personal Toad(TM), a vibrant, enthusiastic little character with a big
mouth. It isn’t that his mouth is physically larger than any other toad’s mouth,
but rather that he talks and sings too much, and he never thinks before he
speaks or sings, nor does he care to; Toad simply lets everything that
comes to his mind escape through his big mouth.
.....However, in his first reading adventure, Toad Meets His Forever-Friend,
Toad soon learns an unpleasant lesson about controlling his big mouth
during the course of a colorful reading story that involves a daring rescue,
being encased in mud, and meeting Chicken, a compassionate, white hen,
who becomes his caring Forever-Friend.
.....Personal Toad and Chicken(TM) stories delight and entertain young
readers, yet are intended to help children build and maintain their
vocabularies as they discover the meanings of the underlined words that are
sprinkled throughout the narrative, which are then clearly defined in Personal
Toad and Chicken’s Little Brown Dictionary(TM) - the "book within a book" -
featured at the end of each story!
.....Personal Toad and Chicken’s Little Brown Dictionary(TM) includes at
least one definition for each word found in the story. Personal Toad and
Chicken’s Little Brown Dictionary(TM) should be viewed as a colorful story
companion that encourages adults to introduce children to the joys of
looking up the meanings of words in a regular dictionary. In short, adults
should think of a real dictionary as a bicycle, Personal Toad and Chicken’s
Little Brown Dictionary(TM) as a really fun set of training wheels, and Toad
Meets His Forever-Friend as a colorful friend and guide that propels kids
toward great verbal success!