Lisa Andrea McCarthy
Where’s the Ramp? by Lisa Andrea McCarthy
Imagine what life was like for people in wheelchairs before
ramps were common throughout public places in the United

Linda’s cousin Roy depends on his wheelchair.   When he
comes for a visit, the family decides to go out for dinner.  

To their surprise, places with entry ramps are scarce. Roy can’t
go inside without a ramp.

The family searches for a restaurant with a ramp so they can
enjoy their evening together.  Will this be a wild-goose chase?
Lisa Andrea McCarthy lives in Saratoga County New York, not too far
from the Adirondack Mountains.  She resides with her wonderful
husband Dan and their blessed children, Aaron, Alina and Aidan.  She
was drawn to this area for its picturesque natural landscapes.   Her
family enjoys hiking and camping especially with Amber their precious

She holds a Bachelor of Science from Binghamton University, Masters
in Elementary Education and Developmental Reading from Long Island
University and the State University of New York at Albany.

“I feel at peace in my life as God has blessed me with a family and a
dual career.”    Lisa is a Certified Professional Electrologist and a
Teacher.  The most remarkable trip she has taken was a recent
pilgrimage with her Greek Orthodox church to Israel.

Finally, the author would like to thank Neal Wooten at Mirror Publishing
for making this book a reality.