Richard McElroy
This is the first book of eight "Fantasy" stories.
Fantasy and the Magic Bicycle is about a young girl,
Fantasy, who lives in a big city with her mother and
father. She is a big dreamer with a vivid imagination.
Fantasy falls asleep one evening and is overcome
with joy when she finds a bicycle in the bushes at the
park in her dream. She is amazed to learn that the
bicycle talks, and can fly. The next morning she learns
that her daddy is leaving for the war in the desert and
Fantasy is overcome with loss and grief. Her magic
bicycle gives her the opportunity to take an adventure
that allows her to fulfill her dreams.
Richard McElroy is currently an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood
Education with the University of Central Missouri. He holds a doctorate in
Teacher Leadership/Early Childhood Curriculum Development. He taught for
twenty years at the elementary and early childhood levels for inner-city public
schools in Virginia and New York. Most of his students throughout the years
have experienced poverty and were considered at-risk. He has been a dad for
the past thirty-two years. He has been a single dad with five young children and
has seven children altogether. He enjoys riding his  Harley-Davidson, teaching,
writing, spending time with his family and serving through his church, the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Here is the second book of eight "Fantasy" stories. Fantasy and Grandma is
about a young girl who visits her grandmother, in Missouri, just in time to
prevent a catastrophe. Her grandma comes to live with Fantasy, Bridgette,
and her mother, in the city. The family is confronted with caring for an aged
relative. Fantasy’s father is still in the Army, overseas, when her mother
receives a visit from the Army. This book helps Fantasy confront aging and
an associated illnesses, Alzheimer’s. The unexpected ending leads a path
to the next book.