Patricia A. McGhie-Fay
Patricia A. Mcghie-Fay, aka- Tricia
.....Tricia was born and raised on the Jersey shore, where she still resides with
her husband, three grown children, Nikki, Erin and Chunky, who now, no longer
exceeds that name (Robert), and her precious new grandson Ronald, who has
yet to know how he swept her heart away. Tricia has always had a great love for
writing, and started with poetry when she was a young teen. She got the idea for
her book, Domino, the Inside-out Dalmatian; from a question her son had
asked her when he was just four years old, he asked, “Mommy, if Dalmatians
were black with white spots, would they be inside-out?” She thought it was a
very strange, but funny question for a four year old to ask, but before she could
answer his question, her five year old daughter Erin said, “No, they would be
outside-in”, with that Erin began rolling around on the floor with laughter! Tricia
giggled, then answered with “yes, they would be inside-out”, knowing it was the
answer her young son longed to hear.
.....It wasn’t until twelve years later that she decided to write the story of Domino,
while reminiscing around the dinner table one night with her family. Tricia says
her family is very comical and was always scaring each other or anyone else in
the house, when entering or exiting any room or door. She says her children get
that from their grandfather, Tricia’s Dad, who is a very comical person and loves
scaring everyone, especially his wife, who is very hard to scare! Tricia says her
house was filled with comedy and there was always something to laugh about,
especially around the table at breakfast or dinner. Tricia says that her children
and their friends say that she is a very fun Mom and they are very happy to have
her as a Mother.
.....Her beautiful Mother Susan passed away in 2003, but Tricia feels her Mom
has made her dream of being a published author come true. When she and her
sister Kathy were opening the sample of Domino (the illustration), for the first
time, they both broke out in tears and Kathy said, Mommy should be here for
this! Tricia told Kathy “Mommy is the one making this happen for us!”  
.....Tricia says her years of schooling, learning, research, reading and countless
hours of hard work have finally given her what she’s dreamed of, “being
published”  She also says, computer’s are a necessity in the home today.
Domino, the inside out Dalmatian by Patricia A. McGhie-Fay
Domino, the inside-out Dalmatian is a great story for children of all ages to learn from. It’s a story about being different. It’s not about what
color you are, it’s all about you! Domino is teased by older boys in school because he is black with white spots, while the others are white
with black spots! There’s nothing wrong with being different, and those mean bullies will learn a valuable lesson about Domino and how
being different changes everyone’s heart for Domino . Not only does Domino receive the inside-out medal of honor, but he makes a new
best friend named Violet who is also inside-out! Find out why Domino receives this medal of honor and what kind of new best friend Violet
is! Don’t forget to read our next book of Domino, the inside-out Dalmatian, Violet’s Secret, The Magic Calendar! It’s fun and exciting, it’s for
the whole family to giggle about! Are you different like Domino? Let me know, e-mail me, the author Patricia A. McGhie-Fay at