Lonnie McKelvey
Lonnie Mckelvey, author of Ralph and His New Friends.
Lonnie was born and raised in the deep South where he still resides.  As a manager of a retail and
manufacturing plant, he is blue collar all the way.  He first began writing several years ago and has contributed
several articles to the local newspaper.  After his granddaughter came along, he began writing more for
Email address:  lonniedm@yahoo.com
Benny the Brave by Lonnie McKelvey   
Benny is a picky eater who is afraid to try anything new.  Then one day while playing outside, he notices
something in nature that convinces him to try  something different.  Soon he learns that variety is a good
thing and decides to apply this lesson to other areas in his life.  Join Benny as he tries out new foods
and new adventures.