Ruth Anne Meredith
The Lands of Forever by Ruth Anne Meredith

16-year-old Serena Gordon is a Cinderella of sorts, living as an
orphaned child in a small city with her enormous, evil guardian
Bertha Blackhour. Serena thinks she is living an ordinary life when
one day she is presented with a 200-year-old diary from her British
ancestor Teresa. As Teresa’s only living descendant, Serena reads
how Teresa’s ship entered a perilous storm with blue lightning,
leading the young traveler to her fate. But Teresa’s ship wasn’t the
only vessel lost - even in the last year, two modern-day ships were
lost on the Atlantic Ocean in what scientists predict could be the
same location. To crack the mystery of the missing ships, Serena is
asked to accompany a discovery team to the location. After crashing
in a monstrous storm at sea, the discoverers are accidentally
stranded on an uncharted continent of magic and wonder. Flying
ships, singing trees, spinning castles and the fabled Fountain of
Youth greet the discovery team as they scramble to find their way
home in this wild, strange, and beautiful land. Brimming with action,
adventure, fantasy and romance, the Lands of Forever is the place
where anything is possible!
Ruth Anne Meredith is 25 years old and is happily married. She
wrote The Lands of Forever when she was 16 years old and in
high school. Ruth Anne graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of
Arts in Elementary Education. She is proud to be a follower of
Christ. When she's not writing, Ruth Anne enjoys reading,
singing, bicycling, climbing trees, and spending time with her
wonderful family. She is aware of her striking resemblance to
Taylor Swift. Ruth Anne's greatest passion is to share the talent
she has been blessed with. She lives with her husband in the
house her father grew up in. Ruth Anne invites you to visit her
website for the Chronicles of Forever at