Rene Micka
Charlie's Birthday Wish by Rene Micka

Charlie's birthday wish is to be forgiven for being cruel
to his friends at school. He had to contemplate all the
sorrow he has caused. With help from his mother he
learned that friendships have to be earned. Charlie
told them all that he was wrong and invited them to a
party to sing a birthday song. He hopes they can make
their memories new. What will be his fate for this very
special play date? Will his friends forgive Charlie and
come to his party?
As a young girl Rene knew her future would be determined by how much she
was prepared to do for herself.  Having little in life did not deter her from
dreaming big and making plans.  Where there were obstacles, she saw hope
and opportunity.  After paying her way through college, she received Bachelor of
Science degree in Elementary Education.  Her years spent working with
children of all ages as a substitute teacher and fulltime as a 4th grade school
teacher offered her great insight into the social challenges of today’s youth.   

Experiences, both in the classroom and in her personal life, inspired her tackle
some of these social issues using children’s literature.  She believes books
provide a portal into children’s imagination and offer a safe way to initiate
conversations that promote the message the story is telling.  The publication of
her first book, Charlie’s Birthday Wish (Mirror Publishing 2014) is a triumph to
her childhood ambitions.  The dreams she allowed herself to dream, served as
a catalyst to the successes she enjoys today.  

Her hometown of Belleville, Illinois is where she met her husband when they
were still in high school. They were married during his first year of Medical
School in St. Louis, Mo.  As the two grew older in life, their family grew as well.   
Currently they live in the small town of Nixa, MO with their two children.   Rene
enjoys family time on the farm they live on and traveling to new places together.