Elzater Moffett
Tenan & Colleen: It's Too Hot For Picking Peas by Elzater Moffett
Tenan and Colleen are living the good country life, having lots of fun,
running, playing, climbing trees and anything else they can get into.  
Tenan is the nine year old big brother and Colleen is the six year old
little sister.  Being the big brother, of course, Tenan thinks he knows it
all.  If only  Colleen could keep him out of trouble.  She sees Tenan’s
crazy ideas turning into trouble, but like a runaway train, she just can’t
stop it and she’s often caught up right in the middle.  

What can a little sister do?
.....My name is Elzater Moffett. I am 40 yrs old, married with 2 beautiful kids.  I am currently an electrical
engineer at a major shipbuilding company.  My passion is storytelling.  I got the love of storytelling from
my father.  He always kept us laughing with his many stories.  My brothers, sister and I were constantly
into something mischievous, so mom and dad had the pleasure of keeping us straight (a huge task).  
Kids will be kids, right.  Most of the stories told in the series of books of ‘Tenan and Colleen’ are about
the many mischievous things we did and lessons we learned through Mom and Dad.  I see why my
kids are so mischievous…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I am repeating what my parents did,
for my kids and yours to help keep them straight by sharing my stories.
Tenan & Colleen: A Chicken in a Pear Tree by Elzater Moffett     

Peer pressure is a big issue among our youth because everyone
wants to fit in with the group. Name calling and bullying is so
prevalent, because not everyone fits in. Colleen felt pressured to
prove herself so that she could fit in. The children in this story learned
that not only do sticks and stones hurt, but words can hurt as well.