Michelle Moschetti
Tangled Ribbons by Michelle Moschetti   

It has been two years since Paul’s death....Erin has
been sentenced for her crimes. Kevin, Paul’s brother,
is still lurking in the shadows...keeping a close eye on
Paul’s widow, Joslin, and her family. Kevin’s health is
deteriorating quickly....but before he dies, he is
maliciously plotting to get even with Joslin. Morgan,
who had previously worked for Paul and Kevin, has
been on the run from Kevin for the past two years....
Kevin’s men are closing in fast on Morgan and her
son, Adam. Tired of the endless struggle to keep them
safe and torn seeing her son losing out on a normal
childhood, she makes the difficult decision to leave
him behind....

What is Kevin planning for Joslin and her family? Why
is Morgan on the run? Will she ever see her son
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