Sheila Mroczynski
Astellagus by Sheila Mroczynski   

Jett is a dog who loves to bird hunt. When his
family adopts Stella, a Golden Retriever, Jett
worries that he will have to share his hunting time
with her. At first, Stella is not interested in birds or
hunting. When she plays with Jett, and copies
him, she eventually learns how to hunt... but not
for birds.

Inspired by real dogs and their silly playing, this
book tells how the two dogs become best
friends, and learn how share family time.
The Christmas Tree Tree by Sheila Mroczynski

Christmas is a time that is filled with family
traditions.  Getting a Christmas tree is one of those
traditions. Each year, families will travel near and
far to their  favorite place to find the perfect
Christmas tree.

Have you ever wondered where the trees are from,
how they get to all of the different places or why
there are so many trees each year?

The Christmas Tree Tree  is a holiday legend that
answers those questions. This story is sure to
become a favorite family tradition.     B &
Daddy's Dances by Sheila Mroczynski

Throughout this wonderful world, a unique
connection is shared between fathers and
daughters.  It begins the instant the daughter is
born, and builds throughout their lives.

In Daddy's Dances, this special bond deepens with
the daughter's simple request for a dance with her
dad.  Enjoy their dance through life.