D. W. Murray
Majesty and the Dragon's Throne by D.W. Murray    
.....In this, the second book in the Majesty series, Katie and Jack Campbell, the child of God and the
wizard’s apprentice, continue their search for the white horse in a world beyond fantasy and
imagination. Led by the dark wizard Gellzoowin, Jack forms an alliance with a being more powerful
than magic itself and Katie is drawn deeper into the wizard’s plan as she seeks to save her brother.
.....With God’s instruction there can be no turning back as Katie tries to understand the message she
has been given and learns her role in a mystery that surrounds both her and her brother. In the
process she must trust the wisdom of God as she tries to rescue her brother from the powers of
darkness, while Jack pursues the legendary book of magic known as the Vaulted Verses.
.....With the band of trolls, the fairy, the elf and the bear king to help her, their journey grows more      
perilous when they reach the hidden city of Penn Raven, the city of wizards where a new menace
arises, a menace that threatens to destroy the wizard kingdom itself. It is then that Katie discovers her
true purpose in God’s plan and the role of the white horse in a conflict that will decide the fate of
wizards and all of the Nohr world.
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