Rob Myers
Ignor Ramus – A Curious Rhyme by Rob Myers
“A boy named Ignor and his sister Ignora
each with the last name of Ramus.
Lived on a hill,
in the town of McGill,
200 feet in front of Mount Shamus.”
This is how our story begins, a curious rhyme that weaves a
tale, so surprising, so uplifting, that you and your children will
read it again and again for years to come.

Beautifully illustrated, the characters will form an immediate
connection with your children and their ever developing, young
imaginations. Don’t be surprised if your child will want to pull
the characters right off the page and play with them.

“A Curious Rhyme” relates the story of realizing that
sometimes when you think you so surely know what is going
on, that very often you do not.

Sometimes we need someone to “Shame Us” and then to
“Blame Us” before we truly know what is really happening.

Thank you for considering “Ignor Ramus – A Curious Rhyme”
for your library.