Tonya Neumeister
My Dog Eats Peas  by Tonya Neumeister
Cody is in second grade and his best friend in the whole world is
his dog Cooper.  They go just about everywhere together and they
like the same things.

Except for peas… Y-U-C-K!  Cody does NOT like peas but Cooper
loves them.  When Cooper eats peas they make him happy and his
tail wags.

Shhhh….don’t tell Cody’s mom that he has been feeding peas to
Cooper.  (It’s a secret!)

Then, something terrible happens and Cody needs to quickly
decide whether or not to tell the truth.

My Dog Eats Peas is a fun and heart-warming tale that teaches
children a wonderful life lesson of the importance of telling the
truth.  Even if it means sacrificing something you long for in the