D.R. Now
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A Girl Named Sophie: An International Adoption Story  by D.R. Now

A Girl Named Sophie: An International Adoption Story by D.R. Now

Adoption is an exciting way to expand your family. Whether through
international or domestic adoption, all children have their own
unique story. A Girl Named Sophie is a lighthearted way to talk to
your child about adoption and becoming part of a loving family.  

This story is about a young girl’s experience of meeting her parents
for the first time and traveling to her new forever home. It touches
lightly on the adoption process which will help any child understand
the love that goes into bringing them home.

About the Author
Diane lives in Michigan with her husband Jeff and their son
Aleksandr. She attended Oakland University and received her
bachelor’s degree in mathematics. She enjoys spending time at the
family’s cottage, along with boating, snowmobiling, reading and
running her two dogs.