Maria Leonard Olsen     B &
Mommy, Why’s Your Skin So Brown?  by Maria
Leonard Olsen

"Mommy Why’s Your Skin So Brown" is a mother’s
explanation to her bi-racial children about why her skin
color is darker than theirs. It was inspired by frequent
questions from strangers who assumed that the author
was the nanny to her own lighter-skinned children,
causing her children to wonder about the reason for
these questions. This book may serve as a
consciousness-raising piece for caring communities
and to prevent people from letting their curiosity
overwhelm their manners.
Healing for Hallie by Maria Leonard Olsen

Healing for Hallie is about a young girl learning the
importance of sharing her feelings instead of keeping
them bottled up within herself. Holding feelings inside can
be like trying to hold a beach ball under water--It takes
much energy and pops up in various ways.  Based on the
author's personal journey, it offers a helpful viewpoint to
those trying to heal from life's difficulties, traumas and
tragedies.     B &