Christine Ortiz     B &
Daisy’s Busy Day  by Christine Ortiz

Daisy’s Busy Day is a fun and colorful children’s story about
an imaginary flower who experiences challenges and
meets friends while she walks during the day.
I live in California with my husband and three children (one child
in college). I have lived in California my entire life.  I have been
working in the educational field for the past seven years. I have
an associate’s degree from Chabot College and have also
taken technical courses at adult school.

I have always painted using oils, acrylics, and water colors on
and off since I was a teenager. I currently enjoy creating oil on
canvas paintings of various subjects: fruit, flowers/plants,
landscapes, toys, buildings, and people. I had decided to use
water colors for the illustrations for “Daisy’s Busy Day” because
it enabled me to easily draw in the character.

I developed the idea for creating “Daisy’s Busy Day” by being
outside with my children while they play. While watching and
listening to them, I developed the sense of humor for the book.