Ilene Munetz Pachman     B &
A Parrot for the Bride by Ilene Munetz Pachman  

A Parrot for the Bride is an endearing story of giving and
receiving. With chatty birds and an animated bride at the
center of the tale, the story depicts a groom who, at three
different times, presents his new bride with a very special,
feathered gift. A Parrot for the Bride is a gentle, yet lively,
story filled with the unexpected -- the biggest surprise
(SHHH!): the climactic announcement of a new baby,
saved for the groom, as well as for the young reader!
Brimming with joy, humor, and affection, A Parrot for the
Bride will delight children and keep them smiling
Ilene Munetz Pachman is a freelance writer whose feature articles and
editorials have been widely published.   Her byline has appeared in the
Washington Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Palm Beach Post and
many other periodicals. She is the author of the children’s book LIKE A
KNOT IN MY SHOELACE, published by the United Synagogue
Commission on Jewish Education.  Ilene has sold commemorative
poems to Metromedia in New York and a non-fiction story of hers, “A
Child Survivor and Her Hero,” appears in the book Chicken Soup for the
Soul/Stories for a Better World.

Ilene spearheaded the successful effort to honor Raoul Wallenberg, the
quintessential Christian Holocaust hero, with a U.S. commemorative
postage stamp, and she helped to unveil the stamp design at the U.S.

Over the years, she has taught children with mental retardation,
preschoolers, and elementary school extended care students.
Ilene and her husband live in suburban Philadelphia.  They have two
married sons and two grandchildren.  Ilene says that while her  two
“grand-gems” are her greatest inspiration, the particular inspiration for A
PARROT FOR THE BRIDE were her cockatiel, Snowcap, and her
younger son’s cockatiel, Sprite.     B &
Chuckle - Choo! by Ilene Munetz Pachman  

CHUCKLE-CHOO! follows a train, with its sneezing conductor,
on a fun and pun-filled journey. The story is a rollicking ride
fueled with word play. Its fast-paced alliteration, onomatopoeia,
and rhyme energize CHUCKLE-CHOO! as its bright and
delightful illustrations add to its child appeal. While the train in
CHUCKLE-CHOO! rides through some rain storms, as well as
takes its passengers through vivid scenery; it passes
joke-telling giraffes, dancing deer, and other colorful creatures
along the way. CHUCKLE-CHOO! is a unique romp, with a
clever twist at its conclusion -- a tale with an inviting refrain, a
story that will keep the reader entertained and asking for more.