Amy Parker
Your Forever Family by Amy Parker     
This book is about an adoptive Guatemalan girl who is adored by her
forever family.  She has a mom, dad, and two big brothers who cannot wait
to be by her side enjoying all the firsts in her life.  Although the family has
missed some of those firsts such as first tooth as the adoption process
has been quite long,  they have grown to love her.  They have constantly
prayed for her and can hardly wait to be her forever family.  Not just a family
for a little while, but her family for the rest of her life.
Amy Parker,  author of Your Forever Family
Amy Parker is 41 years old and presently a wife and mother to two sons, Zach 15
years old, and Carson, 11 years old, and new daughter Hannah, a one year old
who just arrived on March 14, 2008 from Guatemala City.   She has been an
educator in the public school system in Jackson, Tennessee for 18 years
teaching 6th, 7th and 8th grade and 3rd and 4th grade most recently.  Amy
absolutely loves being a teacher and enjoys the writing process so much that she
decided to write a book in honor of her desire to adopt Hannah.  You'll' enjoy
reading Your Forever Family and sharing it with your youngster and may God richly
bless you and your family.    email:
My Forever Family and Me by Amy Parker     
A baby goat is so thankful he has his forever family with the mother cow and
calves. His farmer sold his own mother, and he decides to take off and
leave the farm to search for his own family. After searching, he finds that
even though the cows may not look or talk like him, they love him and want
him to be in their family not just today but forever.