Carrie Parker
Luna by Carrie Parker   
I was so scared when I was left alone on the streets. I didn’t know what
was going to happen to me and everything was so scary! It seemed like
everyone and everything was out to get me, especially the man in the
big truck. All I really wanted was someone to love me...a real family. Life
was miserable and lonely until the worst thing imaginable happened.
As it turned out, sometimes the things we are most afraid of aren’t so
bad at all. So come along with me on an amazing journey from being a
sad stray to a pampered pet!
What Makes LunaTick? by Carrie Parker   
In the first book titled "Luna", we learned how Luna went from being a
sad stray to being a pampered pet. Now, see how our friend has
blossomed into a loving, silly dog full of life and adventure in this fun,
rhyming story. But don’t ask me to explain what makes her do some of
the zany things she likes to do. That’s the mystery after all – What
makes Luna Tick?