Krista Parnin
The Unsuspecting Hero by Krista Parnin

Two sisters, Suzanne and Ann Marie, are beginning at a new school.
Once they arrive at Sunshine Elementary School, they are met by the
principal and go their separate ways. When Suzanne arrives at her
classroom, many of the students notice she is in a wheelchair and begin
teasing her. Although their comments hurt, Suzanne is determined to
make this a positive start at her new school. When one of the primary
bullies finds himself needing help, it is Suzanne who comes to his
rescue. After this turn of events, the students realize that even though
Suzanne is confined to a wheelchair, she is still a person of value who
has much to offer.
Krista Parnin was born in Bedford, Indiana and currently
resides in Appleton, Wisconsin where she is an
elementary school teacher.  When she is not teaching or
writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband,
Tom, and their two sons, Noah and Joshua.  Krista likes
traveling with her family to destinations in the United
States and abroad.  In addition, she finds time to relax by
exercising, reading, watching movies, and cooking.