Sally Patton-Hall
The Cat Who Could Tell Time by Sally Patton-Hall
"There’s no place like home!" The Cat Who Could Tell Time is a story
about a cat named Midnight who developed courage in his frivolous
feline adventures. But, like humans, Midnight was forced to learn from
his mistakes when he found himself out of his comfort zone. In his
time of decision, he discovered insight to stand still until he
understood what his next move should be. He acquired wisdom in
spite of and because of his fear. He decided what time it really was!
A great story for young readers or for parents to read to very small kids.
.....Sally Patton-Hall was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to Florida as a sixth
grader.  She and her husband now live in a cottage home in Andalusia, Alabama where
she realizes her life-long desire to become a writer of children‘s books.
.....Her creativity comes from years of working with various children’s groups, such as: girl
scouts, church Sunday schools and seventeen years as a visual merchandiser with a
well- known national retail department store.
.....Following that, as the Executive Director of an assisted-living facility, she published
“how to” articles in her local newspaper, wrote her own radio scripts and assisted with
photo lay-outs for ads. Recently retired, she now enjoys more visits with her only
grandchild, Cole - age 4- who remains her constant inspiration.
.....Blessed with a love for children’s art, she also illustrates her own works.
Everything Got Bigger by Sally Patton-Hall
"What could I possibly have to give?" and "How can I hear from God?" These are
two age-old questions for which the young and the young-at-heart alike seek

Breanna, a typically inquisitive little girl, asks questions galore, brought about by
Nana’s gift. During her summer visits at grandmother’s, even the daily mundane
chores become fun. Through the wisdom and encouragement of a loving
grandmother and with their shared interests, such as bird watching, especially
grandmother’s favorite--- hummingbirds, they have many opportunities for hours of
pretend and giggles.

As Breanna watches her grandmother give to a neighbor in need, Breanna feels a
little nudge to give something also. As she responds to that nudge, her view of
everything gets larger. It seems a small question can trigger the largest revelation.

This is a fun story for young readers, or to be read to those too young to read, with
rich imaginations and a love for watching the tiny creatures in the trees.
Cat Tales About the Cat Who Wanted to Fly  by Sally Patton-Hall
"LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP!" is always good advice for anyone,
especially for the young. Life is not always easy; it can be a scary
place! Even the simplest life experiences can be frightening for young
kittens---or young people!

"The Cat Who Wanted To Fly," is a story told from the point of view of
Midnight the cat. As an older cat, he reminisces about his ‘kitten-hood’
adventures: his introduction to thunder and lightning, wiggling through
small places, and tree-climbing. He comes to understand that though
each adventure is exciting, they are not without their risks and
consequences. Within each consequence is a lesson learned, and
Midnight learns three important lessons: One - It’s good to think
through something new before you try it. Two - It is very important to
know your strengths, as well as your limitations. Three - It is wise to
have someone you can go to, someone trustworthy when you find
yourself stuck in a tree or in unfamiliar surroundings.

The Cat Who Wanted To Fly is a great story for young readers that
teaches the fundamentals of decision making .     B &