Klaire Pearson
Hannah the Henna Helper by Klaire Pearson

Hannah’s mother has a surprise for her called henna!
It’s an unusual green paste that is used to create
temporary tattoos. Hannah sees pictures of different
types of henna tattoos from India and the Middle East.
Her mother teaches her how to draw traditional patterns,
and Hannah creates her own henna design on paper
hands before she gets her hands hennaed.
Klaire Pearson is an artist and instructor from South Dakota, but
her imagination is global. She is inspired by artists and art
movements from all over the world, and she is particularly fond of
ancient art and cultures. After graduating from South Dakota State
University with honors, Klaire began her career as an art teacher.  
Regardless of the age or skill level of her students, she enjoys
sharing her knowledge of art history and challenging them with
meaningful projects.