Tracy Perkins
Mom and Sweet Ali by Tracy Perkins
Mom and Sweet Ali is a heart warming story of a mother and her
daughter living on their own.
They find out through their love for each other, believing in
themselves, and never giving up, that anything is possible. They are
a wonderful example of how we should all feel about ourselves,
and how we should treat each other.
We all have great things inside of us to offer to the world.
Ali’s Story of the Old, Broken Birch Tree by Tracy Perkins
Book II of Mom and Sweet Ali

Perhaps Ali wrote the story of "The Old Broken Birch Tree" because
he remimded her of the things her Poppy used to tell her, or of the
things Grandma taught her, or because of the things Nanny Jane
and Mom told her growing up.

Ali learned at a very young age to listen to those older then her. She
was happy to know that no matter how old you are, you can still
learn something new everyday.

They taught her to keep an open heart, an open mind, and to
recognize beauty in the world all around her.