Leah Peterson
An Apple for Dapple by Leah Peterson

An Apple for Dapple is the real life story of Maggie and her
love for Dapple, the spotted, gray, pony. Dapple lives near
an apple orchard on Maggie’ s family farm. This little girl
and her pony share a friendship that grows throughout the
summer. They enjoy life on the farm, adventures with their
other animal friends, and the anticipation of a bountiful
apple harvest.

Young readers will enjoy the illustrations of this spirited
pony and his life in the country.
Leah Peterson began writing at a young age, attending a one room school in the
Sandhills of Nebraska.  Leah grew up on the family ranch, the fourth generation to
do so since it was established in 1878.  The country setting along with good
instruction from parents and teachers provided Leah the inspiration to write from
that early age, participating in creative writing contests and pursuing a minor in
English while at the University of Nebraska.

Leah is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a BA in
Communication Studies.  She went on to earn a Graduate degree in Leadership
from Bellevue University.  She has worked in higher education the last 10 years in
various positions, and serves her community through various roles in public
service.  The 4-H program is one of the nearest and dearest to her heart, as are
other activities related to the promotion of agriculture and Nebraska's rural

Cooksley Clear Creek Farms Inc. is the family ranch that Leah is still a part of
today.  It's backdrop is the inspiration for Leah's first published book released in
September 2011.  "An Apple for Dapple" is based on the real life events and
people who live and enjoy life on the ranch.  It is dedicated to those who worked
so hard to leave a legacy for Leah and her family to enjoy, as well as all those
farm and ranch families across America who work today to preserve their
heritage, and feed America.

Leah has been married to her husband, Matt ,for 10 years and is mother to
Maggie, age 3.

It has been a wonderful experience to work with Neal and the staff at Mirror
Publishing.  Thank you for this opportunity.

I can be reached at:  dapplesadventures@live.com