Ellen Poppe
Tank: An Ugly Dog’s Adventure  by Ellen Poppe
Tank is a ten-year-old basset hound. Tank is a good dog and loves his family.
However, Tank is ugly, smelly and not very bright. He is very plump; he loves to sleep
and can barely run with his brother, Bogey, a black Labrador.

One night, when it is raining hard and the wind blows angrily, Tank walks into the rain
to go to his favorite spot. Suddenly, he sees a black tail and decides to investigate. He
searches endlessly until he realizes that he is lost, and nobody is there to help him
find his way back.

While miserable and alone, Tank misses his family and his comfortable life. He
wishes to be home so badly. A younger dog tries to scare him off, but Tank knows
better than to fight. He is starting to lose all hope when, again, he sees the black tail
that caused his entire problem. Does this tail belong to a friend or foe?

Ellen lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband, two children, and four pets Tank,
Bogey, Missy, and Smokey.  Ellen has been an elementary school teacher and teacher
librarian for the past 18 years.  Ellen received a bachelor of science degree in education
from Longwood University and a master’s in library media science from East Carolina
University. Ellen loves reading and teaching literacy skills to her students.  When Ellen isn't
writing, she loves hanging out with her family, playing golf and spending evenings out with
her husband of 19 years, Doug.

“Tank” is becoming a series as he constantly finds himself in unwanted situations with
creatures that aren’t always willing to help, but the love of a brother that never fails.  

Tank: Hero in the Snow  by Ellen Poppe
Tank, a twelve-year-old overweight basset hound, loves to stay inside with his loving
family and sleep on his warm cozy bed. However, on the first day of spring, Tank
awoke to a blanket of white. Surprised by the snow storm, Tank’s owner put on his
new blue sweater so he could venture outside without getting too cold. Tank moved
through the deep snow to find his favorite spot when suddenly he was approached by
a distressed pine squirrel. Did this creature mean to cause Tank harm? Being so old
and slow, does Tank have enough strength and courage to see what the problem is
with this creature? As the day goes on, Tank finds out something special about
himself, other creatures in his backyard, and becomes a hero in the snow.

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