Marilyn Proctor
The Treasure Box by Marilyn Proctor
Come spend a day with Ona and her brother as they experience the many
things to do at Grandma and Grandpa’s cabin in the woods. Ona is a
nature lover who finds treasures everywhere she goes. She shares the
precious things from her treasure box with her Grandparents as she and
her brother spend a wonderful day berry picking, building sand castles,
and sitting around the campfire. At the end of her stay, Ona realizes how
much she treasures her Grandma and Grandpa. Time spent with family is
time to be treasured.
Marilyn Proctor is retired from a rewarding career in education.  After many
years of reading and writing with young students she decided to try her hand at
writing a children’s book.  Her students were delighted and became her
biggest supporters.  Marilyn attended Hillsdale College and received her
masters degree from The Univeristy of Michigan.  She has two grown children
and two grandchildren whom she loves to write about.  Marilyn and her
husband live in Saginaw, Michigan and enjoy a cabin in the Upper Peninsula.
Adriane Weast is a talented artist from
San Antonio, Texas.  She currently
resides in Austin where she received
her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from
The University of Texas.  Adriane has
captured the beauty of nature and the
warmth of family in her illustrations for
The Treasure Box.  
Amelia and the Ring of Fairies by Marilyn Proctor
In Amelia’s tranquil garden, strange things begin to happen. Join her as
she meets some delightful little fairies with a very big problem.

A sly, old witch has cast a spell on them, and they need Amelia’s help!  
Some magic and a little mischief make for an enchanting adventure.     B &