Richard Rayborn
The Storyteller by Richard Rayborn

Kristen Dawson is a bright, young environmental attorney in the small,
coal mining town of Jasper, Alabama. She is newly married to Brent
Dawson, the son of a well-to-do corporate executive. Within a few
months of their marriage, on a cold, March night, Kristen is taken from
their home in a mysterious kidnapping. She was never heard from

Years after her disappearance, Riley Fields, a prominent freelance
writer, is asked to write a cold case article about Kristen’s kidnapping
for the Birmingham News. The article quickly turns into a full blown
investigation of Kristen’s disappearance. When his efforts stall, Riley
seeks help from long-time friend, Kate Bryson, an FBI agent who is
involved in the investigation of several Energy Sector disasters
haunting the United States. Riley’s research into Kristen’s
disappearance and Kate’s investigation of the Energy Sector disasters
quickly converge, and they discover the two are linked. Together, they
race against time to stop the plans of a greedy, power hungry corporate
executive who has perfected a new energy technology that will render
all other forms of energy obsolete. The technology will transform
manufacturing, transportation, space travel and the military. In the
wrong hands, it will destroy the world.       

Who would suspect that the disappearance of a small town attorney is
related to the efforts of an evil and ravenous corporate executive to
sabotage the country’s energy supply for his personal gain?
Born and raised in the Deep South, Richard draws on
real life experience and events to write the first in a
series of suspense thrillers that take place in Alabama,
Louisiana and Tennessee. In his first novel, he uses his
scientific knowledge to create an electrifying tale about
greed, violence, race and the struggle between right and
wrong. His writings overflow with Southern culture and
traditions in a way that any reader will appreciate and
enjoy. After living for many years in Birmingham,
Alabama, Richard now resides in Brookfield, Wisconsin.