Jay Reber Smith
Snortle the Anteater by Jay Reber Smith
Snortle is a young anteater that escaped from the zoo with his parents and
came to live in a northern forest. He is not the typical anteater as he does not
like the taste of ants and even if he did, he could not find them as his nose is
always stuffed up. The forest animals make fun of his big nose and like most
children, do not realize how it can hurt someone feelings. For Snortle, his
sadness is manifested in his poetry. He cannot make the last line of his
poems rhyme. "I’m not used to ice and snow. My home is in the South. So
when the stormy winds do blow, I sneeze." The story weaves humor, adventure,
sadness, triumph and the occasional peanut butter sandwich as Snortle and
his new found friend Chipper the squirrel journey toward the fateful Sunday
School picnic.