Christine Reynebeau
PB & J by Christine Reynebeau

She wants to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,
but can’t get the lid off the jar. No matter how many
times she asks her parents for help, they just keep
telling her she can do it herself. She tries everything to
get the lid off the jar, but ultimately, there is only one
thing that works.

This story is a reminder of the potential we all have in
us to do whatever we set our minds to. Sometimes we
just need someone to believe in us.
I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin with my two siblings, Danielle and
Jack, and my parents, Dan and Mary.  Over the years, time with my
family has become one of the most important things in my life. I studied
Animal Science at the University of Wisconsin- River Fall, graduating
December of 2012, and currently live in Hudson, Wisconsin
coordinating Outreach and Teen Programming.  I spend my free time
kayaking, running, painting, writing, and socializing.

My parent’s constant encouragement and my siblings support inspired
me to write “PB & J”. Through my experience working with teens, it has
become increasingly clear to me how vital support from our parents, or
any adult, is to positive development of kids, which drove me to seek
publication.     B &
Guts by Christine Reynebeau

Henry didn't understand what his mom meant when she
said his guts would tell him what to do. Then at recess,
his guts help him to make the right decision.

This story is about trusting our intuition and reminding
ourselves to always trust that gut feeling, even if it doesn't
make sense to everyone else.