Cindy V.H. Reynolds
The Pinewood Derby® by Cindy V.H. Reynolds      

"Jeremy, you can’t tell how fast a car is going to race just by its appearance," lectures
his dad.    

.But Jeremy’s heart sinks as he wonders how his racecar will ever compete with the
sleeker models designed to win the reigning title at the Pinewood Derby

This is the story of a young boy entering an annual scouting event, with limited skills
and equipment, who along the way learns a valuable life lesson. Just because you are
not equipped with the ‘right’ tools and assistance, does not mean you cannot succeed.

From the moment that Jeremy receives his block of wood to carve, to the point when
the racetrack slats are lowered, Jeremy embarks on a journey of self -discovery that
results in the decision to race his car against all odds.

The reader will find himself staring down the long, narrow tracks with a singular,
sloping hill, cheering loudly for the underdog that lies within us all.
Cindy V.H. Reynolds lives in the Boston area with her husband and toy
poodle, Meggie. They have two wonderful sons who are busy on their
own life adventures.  She runs an English tutoring business and works
as an historical guide, touring the New England area with student
exchange groups from Spain.

She received her B.A. in Communications/English Ed. from Michigan
State University and her M.Ed. in Community Counseling from Salem
State University.

The author also writes a travel column for her local newspaper called,
'Get Out of Town,' along with other feature news stories for community
newspapers with Gate House Media New England. She has essays
published in two Midwestern anthologies by Shapato Publishing, and
has also been interviewed about her writing by Heirloom Meals on NPR.

This is the author's second young adult book with Mirror Publishing, and
is a continuation of the adventures with main characters, Ben and
Jeremy  Her first book, 'The Pinewood Derby', was published in 2010.
High Adventure on Lake Angelus by Cindy V.H. Reynolds     

Fighting the rough waters, Jeremy hollered, "I can't hold onto the paddle any longer."
The turbulent storm loosened his grip and away the paddle floated in the fast current.
With rolling thunder overhead, Lake Angelus began whirling in a vortex.

This is the story of two brothers who find themselves "lost at sea" without technology to
guide them. With gale force winds and a rough current, Ben and Jeremy are held
captive in their small craft on the open water.

Threatening to capsize the boys' canoe, the Midwestern storm challenges their
resolve. Equipped with only wooden paddles to propel themselves across the large
swells, they must rely on their own instincts and each other to navigate their way.
Shining Sea Bikeway by Cindy V.H. Reynolds

Once a former Cape Cod rail trail, The Shining Sea Bikeway traverses the
coastline from the center of Falmouth to the historic, seaside fishing village of
Woods Hole. The bikeway was named for the line, 'From Sea to Shining Sea' in the
patriotic poem,  'America the Beautiful' written by Falmouth native, Katharine Lee

Join brothers, Ben and Jeremy on their coastal adventure as they cycle along salt
marshes, barrier beaches and open water. Follow them as they find their own
pathways; "Come on Ben, let's go off road and follow the inland trails," shouts
Jeremy.  Ride with them as they navigate the treacherous route out to Nobska

Their adventures continue from land to sea when they board their bicycles on the
Steamship Authority with a destination to Martha's Vineyard.  Once they disembark
from the ferry, more
cycling terrain awaits them on this offshore island.