Sonya Reynolds
"Caw, Caw," Says the Crows by Sonya Reynolds  

What do Two Crows sitting in an oak tree say when they go
"Caw, Caw"?

They are talking about all the birds they see around them.

This book is from the view of the Crows, and conversations they
have with other birds in the yard.

It’s also a look at the provisions God makes for the birds of the
air, and on the ground, and how the birds sing thankfully for what
they have.

Let’s go bird watching with the Crows and give thanks to God for
the provisions he makes for us.
Sonya and Robert Reynolds have been married for over
30 years and are ‘empty nesters’ living in beautiful Fort
Payne, AL.  They have two beautiful daughters that have
blessed them with five wonderful grandchildren.

Sonya is an avid book fan and upon a suggestion by her
husband decided to write a children’s book.  He also
suggested it be about birds, based on observations they
have made from their front porch.   Robert volunteered to
do the artwork and did it from a child’s point of view.

The author and illustrator hope you are blessed by this
little project, as they feel blessed to have produced it.