Robert Richardson
Magic in the Moonlight by Robert Richardson
Joe the most popular boy in school goes in search of Susan to request
she tutor him in math.  He finds her on the school bench, with pills in her
hand, she writes her suicide note.  To help her he must face all his own
fears, overcome his shyness and act as her boyfriend.  From the playact,
each fall hopelessly in love.  Both shy and insecure they fail to realize when
the act becomes reality.

During the worst hurricane on record, Joe again pulls her from the jaws of
death, and then must fight to keep her on life support until she awakes.  
Later, a car accident threatened Joe’s life . . . Susan’s condition still critical,
risked her life to lie at his side without life support.

With many twist and turns this poignant love story, has a positive effect on
the lives of all the characters.  Every wrongful deed is, forgiven, including
betrayal, adultery, rumors and lies.
I was born in 1956, the second of five children.  My earliest
memories are of a half trailer, half conventional frame home in
Englewood, FL.  For entertainment we fished and explored the
countryside, and at times when money was in short supply fish
was our main source of food.

In 1984, an accident left me confined to a wheelchair.  Without the
use of my legs, I was unable to continue my life's work as a
custom cabinet builder.  I needed a new profession, and later
became a state certified Residential contractor; designed and built
my own floor plans.

In 2009, when the building industry took a downturn, and I decided
to fulfill my dream to write.  As a writer, I have found a new love, one
more exciting than anything I have ever known before.  When I write
life into my characters I feel their happiness; and cry in their
sorrows to bring the readers the best story possible.

At fifty-five years of age hindsight has allowed me to count my many
blessings.  These range from an impoverished childhood, I would
not trade for all the riches of the world, to Debra, my wife for now
over thirty-eight years.  From our marriage we have three children,
and eight grandchildren.

In Magic in the Moonlight, I share my faith in God, zest for life, and
belief that for each ending there is also a new beginning.

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