Millie Richmond
Daddy's Gone by Millie Richmond

Daddy's Gone steps into the shoes of a young boy
whose Dad has died recently. It validates his feelings
of loss and offers a slice of hope, rather than a platter
of platitudes. Brief and to the point, Daddy’s Gone
reaches out to children who experience such a loss
and lets them know their feelings are normal. It also
reaches out to adults, offering a perspective they may
Millie grew up in Massachusetts. She earned a
bachelor’s degree from UMass/Amherst and began
her teaching career in Boston. Later, she freelanced
for newspapers as well.
Northern winters finally got to her and she moved to
Florida where she continued teaching and earned a
Master’s Degree in Reading from Nova
Southeastern University.

Her love of writing took root and flourished. Her
book, Hildy, earned First Place in the Florida Writers
Association Royal Palm Literary Awards.  It’s an
upbeat, early (AR)
chapter book about a girl who developed a hearing

Millie’s next book Daddy’s Gone, is a picture book
aimed mainly at children, though adults just may
learn something from it as well. Its intent is to help
people understand there is no “supposed to feel”
when experiencing loss.

Her latest picture book, May I Have A Dog? is about
a child trying to convince her mom to let her have a

Millie enjoys the out-of-doors when she isn’t writing
or making
Author Visits to schools, libraries or groups.

Check out her website at
May I Have a Dog? by Millie Richmond

Who hasn’t wanted a dog at some time during
childhood? Here’s a little girl’s story of what any one
of us might have faced when we asked for that puppy.
But most likely this ending isn’t what we expected.
Enjoy her delightful childhood moment.

If I weren’t living with such a great family already, the
one in this book is the one I’d choose.
Andy Pie, The Author’s Mixed Breed

Living in a family with little kids is the best! And I bet
the girl in this story would play with her dog and give
him treats just like the kids in my family do for me.
Tipsy, The Miners’ Jack Russell

I get my exercise by running alongside the golf cart
when my folks go for a ride. This book explains that
exercise is just one of the things you have to do to
take care of a dog.
Jake, Fred and Janet’s Labradoodle

There are many dogs needing to be rescued. This
girl shows how much she wants one. That tells me
she’d take good care of him. He’d likely adopt her as
soon as she adopted him!
Marty, Dena’s Miniature Schnauzer

Knowing you are loved is important to a dog. This
little girl already loves the dog she hopes to bring
home. I hope her mom says yes!
Ginger, The Hartnetts’ Wheaton Terrier
This book helps kids to know owning a dog is a big
responsibility. All my dog friends and I hope every boy
or girl who wants a dog reads this book.
Snuggles, Valerie’s Heinz 57 Variety     B &