Karlin Maria Roberts
October Moon on Lizard Ridge  by Karlin Maria Roberts
Look at the sky! The big, bright October Moon is here! Lizard Ridge
becomes an exciting place. The red apples are ripe. Rosalind and
Maria Raccoon have been checking the color of the red apples all
summer and waiting for this special night. While trying to pick the
biggest apple on the tree top with Sapphire, a blue-tailed skink,
Rosalind’s best friend, the excitement begins. Rosalind and Sapphire
find themselves face to face with Hunter, a Black and Tan Coonhound
and a boy on a 4 wheeler who lands in a pile of pine branches. They
have to think fast since sharing, caring, and having friends is a natural
way of life on the Ridge. What should they do?
Inspired by the fascination in their hundred acre forest, the writing of her first
book, OCTOBER MOON ON LIZARD RIDGE was created.  Children, who love
animals and have vivid imaginations about what animals in the forest do every
day, will love this story.

After a lifelong career as an elementary school teacher of grades kindergarten
through eighth, Karlin Maria Roberts is now retired.

Karlin was born and raised as a city girl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She
received an Associate in Arts Degree from Keystone Junior College in
LaPlume, Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University
of Tampa in Florida.  She was feature editor of the university newspaper and a
member of Alpha Chi Omega during her college years.  Karlin moved to
Lexington to attend graduate school at the University of Kentucky and loved
Kentucky so much that it became her new home.

She is now a country girl and lives on a farm with her husband, Jim and their
dog Monte, a Great Pyrenees.  They raise Black Angus cattle and tobacco on the
farm for a hobby.  Her son lives on the other end of the farm with his wife and
their two sons so it is wonderful to have family and grandsons close by.  Karlin’
s summers are spent in the water on their PWC and in their boat “Muddy Paws”,
named after the dog!  Guess why?  When she is not on the lake, Karlin enjoys
playing her classical guitar, quilting, training and showing her dog Monte,
knitting, scrapbooking, exercising and going to water aerobics.

*Photo:   courtesy of Extreme Styles, Mt. Sterling, KY