Archie L. Roberts
Malcolm Johns and the Knowledge Tree School of Exquisite
by Archie L. Roberts

For a shy 14 year old boy, dealing with the death of his father and
beginning a journey to a new and most unusual school can be a
tough adjustment.  Malcolm shows you just how strong a young boy
with his friends can be when faced with a series of obstacles and
adventures that will both mesmerize and entertain the reader.  

Author Archie Roberts’ imagination comes alive from the opening
chapter and throughout the book with Malcolm and his friends as they
navigate through myriad adventures in their new and different school.  
This book will entertain kids, young adults and parents who love
reading to their children.
Archie Roberts was born on March 11, 1955 in Waco,
Texas. Was an All State High School basketball player
who also played and coached extensively in college and
various overseas locations while in military service.  
Presently married to Pamela Holland Roberts and living in
Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  Have two adult sons, Anthony and
Alan who also live in Florida.  Have three sisters and two
brothers.  Started writing late in life with this first novel of
Malcolm Johns and the Knowledge Tree School of
Exquisite Learning.  Have also written Poems to Beautify
your Heart and Soul which are Christian centered poems
which bring meaning to the life and times we live in.