Kimberly Robison-Crook
Ashes, the Playful Donkey by Kimberly Robison-Crook

Happy Meadow Farm is home to many amazing
animals, but none are as smart and stubborn as Ashes,
the playful donkey. He loves to play and joke around
especially with Farmer Earl. One day, Ashes takes
Farmer Earl on a fun chase around the barnyard.
However, Farmer Earl doesn’t think it’s much fun. He
just wants to get Ashes back in his pen. Will Farmer Earl
get Ashes back in his pen? Will Ashes have the last
laugh? Who will outsmart who on this chase around the
Author Kimberly Robison-Crook grew up in the small farming
community of Elk Creek, Nebraska, where she started writing short
stories and poetry in high school. However, writing took a backseat to a
career and raising three sons with her husband, Steven. With the boys
now grown, Kimberly and Steven call a twenty-acre farm near Crab
Orchard, Nebraska home. They share their farm with one dog, three
donkeys, nine Highland cows, three Hereford cows, five cats and ten
chickens. An animal lover at heart, it was only natural that she chose to
write about the critters that have been a part of her childhood and adult
life. While Kimberly enjoys writing and photography, her greatest
pleasure is spending time with her seven wonderful grandchildren.

Illustrator Kim Heinrichs grew up on her family's century-old farm
outside of Everly, IA. She and husband, Jeff, reside in Spencer, IA with
their two children Hunter and Kori.  They are excited to see what
happens next on Happy Meadow Farm.