Meagan Roppo
Mari and Sheila by Meagan Roppo

Sheila, a young lover of the earth, writes to pen pal Mari, a
baby polar bear that is affected by an oil spill caused by
Sheila’s father’s oil company. As their reality grows more
dangerous, this destruction of the earth threatens what is
dear to them—Sheila’s love of the great outdoors, their
treasured friendship, and, most importantly, Mari’s home.
Meagan grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a loving
family and dreams in her head. Short fiction, poetry, journaling,
travel, journalism--whatever kind of writing it is, Meagan has a
passion for it. She was inspired to write "Mari and Sheila" after
hearing an environmental activist speak at her college, and wrote
it with the intent of encouraging young readers to become
self-aware of their effect on the environment. "Mari and Sheila" is
Meagan's first children's book.