Alyssa Rudinsky
Ness the Underdressed Cockatoo by Alyssa Rudinsky

A story about how being ugly can be pretty beautiful...

It isn’t always easy to be a bird without any feathers! Ness is a rather
special cockatoo who wears her beauty on the inside. She has a happy
outlook on life and a lively imagination few seem to appreciate until a
tiny fly helps everyone realize that being who we are is the best example
of true beauty.

A percentage of the proceeds of the sale of this book will be donated to
the Humane Society of Broward County.
Alyssa Rudinsky, author of Ness the Underdressed Cockatoo

Alyssa Rudinsky was born and raised in New York City.  She currently lives
in Boynton Beach, Florida, with her husband, their two daughters, and their
two cats.  Alyssa received her undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania
State University and her Master’s in Education from CUNY – Queens
College.  She has spent more than fifteen years in the field of education
teaching at a variety of academic levels from preschool through college.  At
present, she teaches reading and writing to non-native speakers of
English at Palm Beach State College.

In following the path of her own children’s educational journeys, Alyssa
enjoyed making music together with other mommies and babies in a
mommy and me early childhood music enrichment program she owned
and operated for several years in Boca Raton, Florida.  Alyssa also spent
some time teaching preschool, elementary school, and high school
English to second language learners.  

Long encouraged to write a book by her friends and family, Alyssa found
her inspiration online when she accidentally stumbled upon a photo
captioned, “World’s Ugliest Bird.”  This gave rise to Alyssa’s reflection on
the true meaning of beauty and the impetus for her first children’s book.  As
fate should have it, the featherless bird in the photo, named Oscar, also
resides in South Florida at the Humane Society of Broward County.  In
honor of Oscar the featherless Moluccan cockatoo, a percent of the sale of
each book will be donated to the Humane Society of Broward County.     
Hope for Sudan by Alyssa Rudinsky

Not long ago, thousands of rhinos roamed the lands of Africa.  
Now, the northern white rhinoceros is fewer than a handful away
from extinction.  This story is dedicated to those animals, and to all
who work to preserve their existence.
- Alyssa Rudinsky

To my nephews and to all the children in the world who love and
care about animals.  
- A.P. Cukier
Tanker and Joe by Alyssa Rudinsky with Donna Benamoz

Tanker and Joe is the heartwarming story of a life-changing
friendship between a man and his dog. When Joe needs help, is
Tanker's support enough to make a difference? Just how far will
man's best friend go to show how much he loves him?
B &