Kimberly Anne Rutt
The Incredible Upside Down Dog by Kimberly Anne Rutt
Meet Baxter, the incredible upside down dog. Baxter can
do all sort of tricks, but what really excites his owner is
when he discovers that Baxter can do tricks upside
down. A fun story that reminds adults and teaches
children that incredible things can sometimes happen
when we change our perspective.
Kimberly Anne Rutt and her husband Jeff have two children,
two dogs, a bunny and a hermit crab. Both Kimberly and her
husband were born and raised in Hawaii. They have called
Austin, Texas home since 1999.  Kimberly had the idea for
this book shortly after their son was born.  She loved to
watch the dogs and their son interact.  When one of their
dogs was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2008 she was
amazed at how well he recovered from having a front leg
removed.  She was inspired to finish the book.