Allison Ryan
Janey and Miriam Turn Five! by Allison Ryan
Join Janey and Miriam on their first magical adventure!
Janey and her imaginary best friend Miriam will warm hearts as they set out on
their quest to find Janey’s 5th birthday cake.
On the morning of Janey’s 5th birthday, Janey and Miriam wake up to the
wonderful smell of birthday cake and must set out down a long hallway that
looks very scary and dark in order to find it!
Miriam teaches Janey that she can conquer any fear by looking for the positive
side of any situation, making a plan and by beliveing in herself!
Instead of a dark hallway, Janey and Miriam find themselves guests at a
magical tea party.
Janey and Miriam will engage and empower young readers to find a positive
side and creative solution to any problem!