Jan Salmon
The Halloween Mistake by Jan Salmon
Halloween is Daddy’s favorite season, and this year will be even better
since his young son, Pete, is finally old enough to go Trick or Treating
with him. Dressed as Pirate Pete, with Dad as his First Mate, the
father/son team make quite a pair. Unfortunately, on Halloween night,
Pete discovers that he’s not quite as much of a Big Boy as he had
thought, and he makes an embarrassing mistake. Thankfully, his First
Mate Dad is there to save the evening.
Jan Salmon, author of The Halloween Mistake
Jan is a retired public school music teacher who now lives in Florida
with her husband, Gary.  They have two grown sons, Curt and Chris.  
She taught in Illinois, Colorado, and Michigan during her 28 year career.  
She has always loved writing and often created songs,  parodies, and
original scripts for her musical productions when she was teaching.  
Writing a children’s book seemed a logical extension for her.  Her story,
The Halloween Mistake, is based on an incident in her own son’s life.
This is her first book to be published.  She also writes poetry, and has
one short story that she would like to see in print.  You may contact her at