Lisa Sarver
The Grateful Spider by Lisa Sarver
One day something unexpected happens, and Spider feels sorry for
himself. He is unhappy and ashamed. On his journey home, Spider
encounters Ant, Ladybug and Grasshopper. Likewise, they are faced
with adversity in their own lives yet they remain grateful. In this wonderful
story, Spider ultimately learns to be thankful even when life throws a
curve ball. Spider appreciates what he can still do instead of focusing on
what he can no longer do. As Spider’s heart changes, he discovers that
a happy heart is a grateful heart.
Lisa Sarver, author of The Grateful Spider
Lisa Sarver is the loving wife of her college sweetheart and loving mother
of their son and daughter.  After the birth of her first child, Lisa left her
business career to be a stay at home mother and raise a family.  She
treasures the blessings of being a homemaker.   When her children were
toddlers, she enjoyed using her imagination to create childlike bedtime
stories.  To see her children smile as they begged to hear more stories
made the joy in her heart unite with their joy.  All of her writing reflects the
positive spirit she embraces.  Even in the midst of life’s adversities, “It’s all
good,” is one of her favorite sayings.