Melissa Schaschwary
Miss Ronda by Melissa Schaschwary   
.....Avrie is a little girl whose best friend is Blanky, a pink blanket which
she takes everywhere. Avrie is upset one day to discover that Blanky
has a hole. But when Ronda, a spunky spider who knits, offers to
help, Avrie is unsure. She has heard some not so nice stories about
spiders. Now she must decide for herself whether spiders are hairy,
scary, creepy, crawly, or if they are just as sweet as cherry pie.
.....Miss Ronda is a story about childhood attachments, new friends,
and a little girl who learns that things are not always as they seem.
Melissa Schaschwary grew up in rural IL.  From an early age, her parents
decided to home school their children.  This allowed Melissa and her siblings
many wonderful opportunities to learn about and enjoy the nature around them,
as well as to provide an environment where their creativity could flourish.  From a
very young age Melissa had a passion for drawing and as a child, always
dreamed of seeing her work in print. That dream was put on the back burner of
life for nearly 15 years until the birth of her daughter, Avrie in 2006.  After her
daughter was born, Melissa left her longtime job in the insurance industry to stay
home and raise her family and to provide daycare for other adorable children.  
Working with children, having one of her own, and being able to again observe
and appreciate the simplicity of childhood rekindled Melissa’s urge to create and
to pursue the dreams of her own youth.   Melissa is currently living those
dreams.  She now resides in Wisconsin with her husband, daughter and Rat
Terrier, Puck.  In her spare time, she enjoys painting and writing and has recently
become enamored with knitting.   Melissa is inspired by her constant love of
nature, the arts, classic films, fashion, music, and by the people around her.
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