Nancy Schroeder
To Dance With the Butterflies  by Nancy Schroeder   

If reading and playing can spell hurray, then two can equal one...

Two eight year old girls have one thing on their minds.

April's first day of Spring Break gets complicated with a surprise
homework project. Homework? It's Spring Break and time to dance and
sing with butterflies!

While trying to put off doing her homework project, April has a very special
day dream about Goldi, her favorite role play princess.

Princess Goldi loves to dance and sing with butterflies just like April but,
she'd rather play every day than get her studies done.

Princess Goldi seems to have run off to her royal gardens to escape

Her parents Queen Crystalle and King Newton give the Grand Wizard "just
one thing" to do. Will he use his magic?

Anything can happen if dreams come true, with butterflies for two.
Nancy Schroeder is a U. S. Navy Veteran, Mother of Four and
Grandmother of Four. Nancy currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri
where she's resided for fifteen years.

Nancy attended U.C.S.D. in La Jolla, CA in 1983 for art and
business, and Florissant Valley Community College, Florissant,
MO 2003-2004, for art.

As an award winning artist, Nancy's floral art has been exhibited
all over the United States. She is a member of the Northern Arts
Council and St. Louis Writers Guild.  To Dance With The Butterflies
is the first book in her early reader series.

Nancy is also donating $1.00 for every copy sold of To Dance With
The Butterflies to United Through Uniting U.S. Military
families facing physical separation by facilitating the bonding
experience of reading aloud together.

"Turning Negative to Positive is where the Magic Begins"