Karen Schwaller
What Should I Be? by Karen Schwaller

Children begin dreaming about what they want to be
before they even start school. Firemen, doctors,
nurses, farmers, football players and ballerinas
would be plentiful if children always became what
they dreamed about when they were very young. In
these pages, little Emily doesn’t know what she
wants to be when she grows up. There are so many
choices! She and her mother talk about all kinds of
career options...such as becoming a great cook, a
judge, a seamstress, doctor and lots more. But what
would be the BEST thing for her to do when she
grows up? Only her mother knows!
Author Karen Schwaller is a freelance writer, speaker, farm wife and farm
mother. She has written for newspapers in Northwest and Central Iowa on
a full time and part time basis for 30 years, and in the midst of it, worked in
full time children’s and youth ministry for 14 of those years. Working with
children and youth was something Karen enjoyed very much. Still today
she enjoys teaching young children through a mixture of seriousness and
silliness that seems to catch their attention and be effective.

Karen feels that teaching children is where it all begins, and that giving
them positive role models and reinforcing their positive actions and
characteristics, the world can be changed for the better.

Karen and her husband farm with their two sons, and their daughter is
also involved in agriculture as a career—being a territory sales manager
for a seed company. Karen and her family also hosted a foreign exchange
student from Germany (Jana Scholze) during the 2005-2006 school year,
whom they also consider to be part of their family.