Jenny Seiger
Why Is Mommy So Tired? by Jenny Seiger

Being a parent is rewarding, but it can also be a demanding
and wearisome job. Why Is Mommy So Tired? is a comical
yet heartwarming story about tired, exhausted parents, the
Wearys, and their rambunctious but loveable son Rowdy.
The Wearys, like most parents, have a very difficult time
finding the energy to play with their little Rowdy. Until one
night, Mrs. Weary makes a surprising and unbelievable
discovery when suddenly awakened by a strange noise.
Could she have uncovered the true reason she and parents
everywhere are always so tired? What will parents do when
they find out the shocking news and what will happen to
Rowdy? Read along to find out what the Wearys and all the
parents do with their new found energy. Why Is Mommy So
Tired? will soon become your new favorite family read-a-loud
and will remind parents of the importance of playing with
their children.

Play is a crucial part of childhood development. It teaches
kids how to think, learn, create, problem solve, work together,
process emotions, and so much more. When parents join in
the fun, the benefits of play are greatly increased. So parents,
reconnect with your inner "Rowdy" and remember to actively
participate in your child’s playtime regularly. Don’t forget,

Jenny Seiger was born and raised in Arizona.  She attended Arizona State
University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education
and received her Master’s degree in Elementary Education through Northern
Arizona University.  After five years of teaching and the birth of her first child, she
chose to become a stay-at-home mom and raise a family.  She now lives with her
loving and supportive husband, Jason, and her two beautiful and energetic
children, Jake and Ali.  Jenny enjoyed writing short stories and poems as a child
and always thought she might publish a book someday.  Her inspiration for Why
Is Mommy So Tired? came from a joke made by her husband one day when both
were feeling exhausted.  Jenny is excited about becoming an author and writing
more books in the future.