Deanna L. Severs
Addie’s World by Deanna L. Severs
"Addie’s World" is a story that portrays a touch of innocence in a
child’s life. A little girl named Addie connects and makes friends
with the animals in her grandparents’ garden while on her yearly
summer visit in Maine.

Addie and her friends play together, sing songs, and share
stories. They talk! You do know that animals talk, don’t you?
Chipmunks, frogs, toads, colorful birds or maybe a fish might,
too…Animals talk in Addie’s World? Yes! They really, really do!!!
Deanna L. Severs resides in Maine with her husband Paul
and their cherished dog, ‘’ Hans Michael….’’
Deanna is an Artisan, Photographer, Calligrapher, and
garden designer.  She enjoys photographing animals, ocean
views, landscapes, Children and still life.
Her passion…. writing Children’s Books and creating
Photographic illustrations for them.
Greatest Passion….Being a Wife, Mother and Grandmother!

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