Mark Siegrist
Smoochy Dog Earns a Badge by Mark Siegrist

An Australian Shepherd named Smoochy Dog has a dream.
He wants to wear a badge for the Milwaukee Police
Department. If he ever became a hero, perhaps he’d have a
chance to fulfill that vision. After much plotting, the
courageous canine gets his chance during a wild adventure.
It begins when Smoochy sneaks aboard a delivery truck
outside his condo, and ends with a dramatic rescue on the
shores of Lake Michigan. Author Mark Siegrist and illustrator
Thay Yang take young readers on Smoochy Dog’s heroic
Mark Siegrist has always enjoyed sharing good
stories. He’s done it most of his life as a
broadcast journalist, documentarian, and talk
show host. His first media job was at the age of
sixteen, interviewing major league baseball
players for an all-news radio station in
Washington D.C. He’s remained curious ever